rob moore

Uilleann and Northumbrian pipes, Hurdy Gurdy, Lira Organizzata, Eclectic Instruments


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Rob Moore is an accomplished builder of eclectic instruments. His areas of expertise and discovery are bagpipes, hurdy-gurdies; and automataphonics.

He is a retired machinist; his thirty year career was building toys for science at Defense Research Establishment Pacific.

rob tunes with an old friend

He has his home and studio in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and celebrates his changement – retirement having too sleepy a connotation for him – with his fascination for musical instruments, not only building them from obscure plans or from the whimsy of his imagination, but working as an associate or mentor with others of like mind and ear.

He is one of the founding members of both the Canadian Branch of the Northumbrian Musical Heritage Society and the British Columbia Uilleann Pipers’ Society.

In this photo he is found tuning up with one of his odd, but soulful friends.